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OC Readers and Writers Uniting

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About Originality

Originality is a place for readers and writers of Harry Potter fanfiction starring original characters (OCs) to congregate. If you're a fan of major canon characters, there are a number of places you can go. If you're a fan of minor canon characters, perhaps you'll likehp_remembrall.

Originality was started when JK did a search of livejournal and found there was not a single community devoted to original characters. Being a huge defender, reader, and writer of original characters, and knowing several more, she decided rectify the situation and find another way to waste time online.

Quick Community Facts and Rules

Rating for Discussion: PG or below. There may be kiddies about.
Purpose: To discuss and obsess over original characters.
To Get on the Friends List: Friend or join the community.
To Have an OC Added to the Interests List: Ask politely in a post or contact JK and she'll be happy to do it.
Linking: No links to NC-17 fics. Links to R-rated fics must be CLEARLY marked as such. Other than that, feel free to plug your own or someone else's work.
Fic Posting: Please don't post any fics over a few hundred words in your post, and please use the lj-cut tag on all fic postings. Please link to OC fics, but remember when posting and linking to make the rating clear. Posting/linking NC-17 will result in your removal from the community.

About the maintainer: JK is a Harry Potter fan with 2 1/2 years in the fandom under her belt, and any of her fandom friends will tell you she is an OC nut. She joined immediately after finishing Goblet of Fire, publishing her first fanfic in September 2000. Her previous fandoms were M*A*S*H and Star Wars. Her fandom credits include being the Harry Potter columnist at Fanfiction.Net (for some odd reason,
her column often focuses on characterisation), a Forum Ghost at SugarQuill's writing forum, and an administrator at the Werewolf Registry. She once did a stint as a Niffler at FictionAlley. She also writes a fic about a 17 year old Shakespeare-quoting Slytherin and an MWPP series. She's an avid reader and writer and wants to be a journalist one day. Contact her here.
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