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I mentioned when I talked about Amanda, that at some point I would talk about Errol.

Errol is one of those strange characters in life where you can see how he came to be. He's an amalgam of various folks. He's the Klarion witch boy from DC comics, Ramses from Elizabeth Peters, Bryon my husband, Sherlock Holmes, and myself. Put us all in a blender, mix us up, and you've got Errol.

I would have loved for Amanda to have been my stand out character, but she wasn't. We have little control over that as authors. Severus Snape's wry, witty cousin stepped forward and claimed a life of his own. You know, now people in Harry Potter fandom think Errol is part of canon. That tickles me pink. I sort of hope JKR doesn't answer questions about Snape's childhood. Then the Klarions can continue to exist for me that way. :)

So, I wonder sometimes why young women who read Errol have latched onto him. Only one woman I know prefers young Severus to young Errol. What is it about Errol? It's a lot like Ara's Hex, whom I have not yet had the pleasure of reading. Something makes characters come alive. What is it?

If any of you could help me out with understanding what that's all about, I'd appreciate it. Errol has been easily my most successful OC. I love writing him, or rather, transcribing him. And he has two more books to go.

Interesting how they end up taking you where they want to go, and have lives of their own.

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