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Hi. I'm Azalais Malfoy, and you might have heard of me. Or not. I write House of Ill Faith (which you can find on or Diagon Alley), and I help to mod, edit and write Lightningwar, which can be found on LJ as its own community. I won't link to either because they are both mostly rated R, with occasional NC17 bits. (I am confused about the difference. Honestly. I used to rate everything I wrote that showed the actual acts NC17, but then I had a bunch of people tell me my stuff wasn't dirty enough to be NC17...but I'm not sure if I'm confused or they are.) I also mod HPSlash.

I don't write anything that isn't rated R or higher, not because it's all smut, but because it's all controversial. I write Death Eater fics, and it's just kinda hard to write PG-rated Death Eater fics. So if you track me down, don't say I didn't warn you.

I also read mostly 'adult' material, by which I do not mean pr0n, but rather, I tend to read darkfic, Slythfic, etc. I won't be linking to stuff here too much, even though I get letters from 14 year olds who read my fics all the time and I do not think that they are harmed by it. They mostly want to know where they can find out more about Aleister Crowley, Gnosticism, and Thelema. Not surprising since I'm a Thelemite and I started writing Death Eater fics because JKR used Thelemic symbolism for the Death Eaters, and since no one I personally know commits mass murder, the idea of how we got from Point A (Thelema) to Point B (mass murder) Really Intrigues Me.

I'm so glad this is here. I just got a review today from someone who read the first chapter of the Phoenix Rising arc and said they quit reading it because of Severine Snape's American accent, which caused them to correctly leap to the conclusion that she is Severus' daughter, and to incorrectly leap to the conclusion that she is a Mary Sue. (The usual response of OFC-haters to HoIF is to accuse her mother, Juliana, the one who is stuck in Azkaban for over ten years, of being the Mary Sue. Riiiiiight. That is such wish fulfillment for me, let me tell ya...)

So I am going to admit this: I like OC's. It is generally my opinion that if people who were canon characters were meant to be together--they would be.

And then there's the fact that it looks like JKR is going in the direction of RW/HG and HP/GW, two ships that I'm sorry, just nauseate me. Why? Well, because I did not want to have anything to do, sexually, with the people who were my bestest buddies when I was in elementary school/early jr. high school. It felt, quite frankly, incestuous even to think about it. I have an easier time writing Lucius/Draco than Ron/Hermione. (And McTabby has teased me about it too!)

So...I had to set up Harry, Ron, and Hermione with Other People, once I realized that I was too fascinated with Harry not to write about him even if it did mean that I was going to go AU in a big way...and there just aren't a lot of Other People. (The ships in the fifth year arc of HoIF are HP/Severine Snape, and HG/Blaise Zabini--but he's an OC that just happens to have a name from canon. My BZ is about as O a C as you can get. And Ron/nobody. He doesn't meet Cassidy till Year 6.)

Now that's one of my pet peeves right there, people who hate OC's yet refuse to recognize that there are a lot of OC's out there that just happen to have names from canon. Blaise Zabini is always an OC. And when female is usually a Mary Sue, unless Riley or Cassie Claire is doing it. Evan Rosier is always an OC. All we know about him is that he took a piece off Moody's nose and he was a DE. My Evan is not the Evan in Trinity's stuff nor the one in Morrighan's stuff who doesn't use the Unforgivables. I only got half of Dylan Mulciber's name from canon.

Frankly, Death Eaters are usually OC's because we don't know much about them other than some of their names and the fact that they were part of a group that killed a lot of people. Everything else, from their House affiliations (not necessarily always Slytherin, unless you consider Hagrid a Reliable Source, which I don't, nor Sirius Black either) ethnic background to their personal history to their reasons for getting involved with that mess, we make up.

I am Very Unclear on the reasons why OC's suddenly become "okay" to OC-haters because the names come from canon.

~Azalais, who would just be all kinds of amused if Juliana Malfoy, Severine Snape, Nicolas Fujiwara, Dylan Mulciber, or any of her other charas started showing up on anyone's interest list...
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