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*creeps in, feeling very much like Despereaux* Hello?

I'm Jackie Faw, and I write OCs. Yes, I admit it. I am a fanficcer. I'm kinda new; most people haven't read my things. I write OCs because I find it quite impossible to have a plot without them.

My favorite of my OCs is Claudia. Excuse me; Claudia Victoria Malfoy, Part Two of the Malfoy Twins in Comedy of the Jackal, (estranged)fraternal twin to Lucius Malfoy. *ducks rotted fruit* I write alot of OCs for a Riddle AU called Snake Eyes, most famous being Pilar Avila- Grindlewald's masochistic shagtoy secretary in charge of information. Spanish, squib, informant, Heir of Hufflepuff.

The best OC of any story I've read though is far and away Julius Marvolo.
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